Great Yarmouth With Crissy

So my dear friend Crissy (who I used to work with) moved to live in Perth in Australia a few years ago but she came to visit England so we had a few days of cross over before I moved away and we managed to fit in a little visit. We started off doing some regular things like picking out a dress for a wedding she had to go to and I popped into the bank to shut down my credit card and ISA account.

Then we stopped for a coffee, have you noticed all the ‘vape’ shops about lately? Is there any need for so many? And flavoured too… who the fuck is buying ‘vapes’ in “dinner lady” flavour… how is that appealing?? There is nothing about a dinner lady that sounds like it’d be tasty, not even the dinner being served.

So after that it was on, we stopped off by a tat shop and browsed and found lovely feather flapper style headdresses which we wore about the town with gangster necklaces (they had a costume shop section).

We got a photo of the puppet man for Crissy and we went to the diner for burgers.

Then it was time for some air hockey.

And basketball.

Then we got drenched in the rain, got some photos taken and played guitar hero. The guy at the arcade took a lot of convincing to cut the photo strips in two because he was worried we would sue him if he cut it wrong… yes actually. I mean I don’t know how much time and disposable income he thinks we have to fund this imaginary lawsuit but we had to reassure him several times.

Then we sunk about £10 in 2ps into this 2p machine to win two paddingtons for Crissy’s mum, we had to get both because we had a sneaking suspicion they were brothers!

Bookend brothers.

After that it was time for Crissy to see other friends and me to cram shut my cases but one of our pimp necklaces made a nice car decoration for Crissy’s rental car. I gave my headdress to her to save for Jim to wear (he was away on a stag do in Prague but I wouldn’t want him to miss out).


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