Center Parcs With My Family 3

I meant to post this a few days ago but I’ve been getting over a horrible cold. So back to Center Parcs, the third day my brother and sister treated my mum and I to a pancake house breakfast so we half and halfed a sweet and a savoury pancake.

I added to my squashed penny collection – a vital part of any trip.

And then we went to the massive swim area where we’d been going each day… and that’s where the problems started. We were sat in one of the pool areas with jets and we’d seen this family about on previous days always sort of causing issues but nothing serious like sitting in the middle of one of the water slides for ages and that kind of thing. Anyway so this one guy from this odd family started staring at me and my mum,  not in a flattering way in a really creepy almost angry way and we were just sitting chatting as a family. So after a while he asked me do you have a problem to which I said uhh… yeaaah you keep staring at me and it’s weird so please stop. I have eyes that look where they want to look he shouted…aaand then things escalated and he was shouting at all of us and security had to get involved and then his family were shouting. Anyways… he picked on the wrong family because my family are not the quiet type who let things go. They gave us free coffee and took our statements about what happened and said they’d get back to us so we swam some more.


Then we went to a coffee tasting which was really good actually and we learned more about different coffees and different places they come from.

We got a keep cup and to pick a bag of coffee.

I liked the blonde mix best, Charles liked the strongest coffee of course.

So then after our tasting we spied the dodgy family again and we were thinking oh jeez what next, we were planning on going swimming again in the afternoon so we rang to find out what happened, long story short we got a free spa afternoon with tea and cake and the dodgy family got kicked out of Center Parcs the next day because it turned out they’d already been in a fist fight with another family over a rubber ring! So dodgy family if you’re out there… thanks for the free spa I guess? It would have cost us almost £200!


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