Center Parcs With My Family 2

As I mentioned in my last post my family and I went to Center Parcs last week. The second day we tried out some miniature golf which as always I lost, I was doing so good until… I wasn’t. Mum and Bronte were getting very competitive but Charles won I think. I get to the point where I’m doing so badly that I just lose the will and start scuttling the ball about one handed like polo minus the horse. It pretty much ends up with the same number of shots as if I played seriously so why not?

We ate out a couple of times whilst we were there and all the restaurants were nice, some were just normal chains you’d find anywhere but some weren’t.

We found a little rabbit on the beach but the poor thing was blind so we think it had myxomatosis which is sad so we got one of the wildlife rangers, hopefully they put the poor thing out of it’s misery or else they starve to death.

We took some bird seed to the ducks a couple of times.

There were still quite a few ducklings about, the ducks didn’t really look after the ducklings very well because they were winding in between our legs quite happily without their parents even seeming interested.

That night we lit our fire to toast some marshmallows, the lady at the shop thought we were mad for buying a fire log in June but I don’t think the marshmallows would have melted so well on a BBQ.

I took this sachet I had called mystical fire and put that on top and it turned all the flames different colours, then we started piling other stuff on there (mainly my brother) to burn and using the marshmallow sticks to poke it which after all is the purpose of any fire. To poke.


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