Center Parcs With My Family

So the time to my departure from these British Isles is growing ever closer. My mum said that she would come and visit me in Great Yarmouth before I left which as I told her would have been a good idea only I have barely any furniture left and its rapidly diminishing as I try to sell all my things. So then we decided we’d go to a spa hotel… then my mum suggested the spa at Center Parcs… then we decided to take my brother and sister but ditch the spa idea because it was pricey. And thus we ended up at Center Parcs in Woburn as it was pretty much half way between Norfolk and Wiltshire where my family lives.

It’s only 3 years old so everything looked quite modern, here was our villa.

This was the gaming table where I cheated at monopoly and Charles cheated at trivial pursuit because he remembered all the answers.

My sister Bronte and I shared the twin room, I fought her and won the bed nearest the window. They were comfy but I kept sleeping with my mouth open, which I don’t usually do, and waking up with a sore throat.

We had a little patio area and BBQ.

And a little kitchen which Bronte was mainly in charge of.

My mum got the double bed and Charles gallantly volunteered to sleep on the sofa.

We mainly used the outside areas for feeding sessions with our villa babies, this is Pete.

And these are our squirrels who expected breakfast every morning, luckily I brought along two big bags of bird feed.


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