Getting Ready For The Big Move

I have been busy busy busy preparing to emigrate. Although the visa is now all in order there’s a lot of tying up loose ends. I sent 5 boxes off to Connecticut and all the rest of my things have to be given away or sold (which is endlessly time consuming!). I ordered and received my international driving permit which is all a bit bizarre. I just had to pay £8.50, no learning, no test or instructions of how to drive abroad of any kind and I got this old fashioned pre-war looking thing in khaki cardboard.

We finally got our house sorted so Kimberly and her parents have been setting everything up, assembling new furniture and unpacking the old from her old apartment. She’s had the joy of setting up the internet and Sears customer service and meanwhile I’ve been trying to catch up with all of my friends and family. Including a dinner where my friend Emily and I were sat next to this odd wall hanging in an Italian restaurant.

I sent my little fur babies off on a plane and they’re getting collected by Kimmy today from Boston, they were extremely disgruntled at being stuffed into crates and I can’t imagine they’re enjoying the flight very much but we just couldn’t possibly leave them behind. Bunny (the cat) was wise to me and immediately scrambled to escape as I packed her up but poor Barclay was so shocked he allowed himself to be put in with just an upset meow.

In the mean time I live my life in countdowns – only 6 days until my family vacation to Centerparcs and 25 days until I move.



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