Angles Way Bank Holiday

Hey readers, so I had two days off from work together at the bank holiday (shocker) and decided I’d embrace the daylight and venture out for a walk just down the road from my house in Cobholm.

Early morning along Angle’s Way… it was gorgeous.

It was pretty early morning so hardly anyone was out, no dog walkers but lots and lots of wildlife. Kim’s nemesis: swans. And also a couple herons.

It was my favourite weather of all time – grey. Yes this is actually my favourite weather. Grey is perfect, it’s not too hot or cold or wet or windy… just grey. The perfect weather for any activity one might want to partake in. Sadly on the way home my lovely grey was usurped by bright sunshine leaving me with a slightly red neck (good preparation for going to live with the Americans?).

There were zillions of butterflies out, these are just the slow ones I could take photos of.

Also I saw a golden snail… I like to think he won some sort of race.

I’m really going to miss living right next door to the broads but Kimmy just completed on our first house (finally!) so I’ll be swapping the broads and the sea for a lake in just 36 days.



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