Embassy Interview 

I traveled up to London on Thursday as it was finally time for my immigrant visa interview at the USA embassy. Luckily my Great Aunt lives in London so I went to stop over with her for the night which was nice. My Mum decided she’d like to go too and that night we met up with her cousin Elaine and went for a nice meal and afterwards we looked at a lot of old photos. I just adore old photos, I have quite a collection from my Granddad that I scanned but none from my Mum’s side so I took a lot of copies. It’s important to keep tabs on the photos as my Great Aunt got caught throwing a load out into a green wheelie bin once because her eye sight isn’t good and she said couldn’t see them anymore! Luckily cousin Elaine rescued them. Also as a nice surprise we facetimed my cousin in Australia and her new baby… well she isn’t that new anymore technically but to us in England she’s still brand new.

The next day Mum and I caught the tube from my Great Aunt’s house to the Embassy, it was between quite a few stops so we arrived early and got breakfast and browsed the shops a bit.

Oddly enough, we stopped in John Lewis’ for breakfast and on the shop display window we found Donald Trump. I don’t think it was meant to be Donald Trump but it looks remarkably like him doesn’t it? When I pointed it out in the street to Mum, other passers by laughed so it can’t just be me that noticed.

Anyway so we got to the embassy, we had to check Mum was on the list to bring in because you’re not really meant to take people with you. I had to call them and email them a zillion times for them to even take her name down. Then we were a little early so the lady told us to go and get a drink that we could take in for the wait so we did which was fine until we went back, got scanned and then I got my glass bottle of drink confiscated… but luckily the nice guards said they’d keep my Snapple behind the counter for me to pick up on the way out so that was good.

It was surprisingly not that busy inside, we waited in this room (no photography allowed!) for them to call a number we were given and then I went to the first counter and handed all my documents over which the man took for a folder and then I got my finger prints scanned in and had to sit down again. Then we played I spy for a bit and there was a small protest outside the embassy for something to do with murder in Turkey… which made all of no difference to anyone’s day. I never really get what people hope to achieve with things like that, there can’t have been more than ten people there with a microphone and after about half an hour when they’d all had their photo taken they just gave up and left. What on earth did they think was going to happen?

Eventually my number got called again and Mum and I went to a second window around the corner where I had to take an oath that I’d told the truth on my visa application. I got my finger prints scanned a second time and then the lady asked me the interview questions which was how I had met Kim, why we had got married in Canada and had we ever lived together before. And that was really it. Mum was a bit disappointed because she was expecting it to be some sort of interrogation like in a movie she likes about a sham marriage called “Green Card”. So all in all pretty painless, it took about two hours of mainly waiting and  everyone was really very friendly and kind. Also I got a CD with my medical stuff on to give to the border control people in America. I had a quick look and found my chest X-ray, very… bony. I’m not very good at interpreting X-rays but everything seems to be in the right place so I think it’s a win. Looks a bit like a hoop skirt.

I haven’t been up to much else, I went to the opticians and found out I have mild astigmatism which explains why I couldn’t see a thing when I thought I should be wearing reading glasses after the last time I had my eyes tested and bought some cheap +1.0 glasses. Because technically I’d be -1.0 so the optician said I was actually making my vision two times worse… oops. But I don’t need glasses unless I want them so that’s good. Still working a lot of shifts and getting taxed to high heaven. Goldie had an MOT and just needs the windscreen wipers replaced and headlights polished so that isn’t too bad. I paid £1,400 to move the cats to America in June. Oh and I discovered a small hole under my handbrake when I dropped my hair clip down there in my car accidentally. It is full of rubbish that is impossible to get out. So that’s… gross. Until next time!




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