TB? Or Not TB?

That is the question! The times are moving ever closer to my USA interview date at the embassy but before I attend my interview I had to drop into London to get a medical completed. I decided I’d just have a day trip to London and not stay over but I didn’t fancy driving or parking so I decided to take the coach for the princely sum of £26.50 return.  It left pretty early so I thought I’d walk into town half an hour before so I could have a nice breakfast at McDonalds and wake up a bit… and it was closed. It opened at the exact same time the bus was due. Annoying.


But I had a nice semi snooze on the coach which dropped me off at Victoria in London, then it was onto the underground. I read once that the underground has its own species of mosquito which is crazy because the pollution is so bad down there it’s amazing anything could survive.

I was a bit early to my medical so I stopped off for some lunch at Wagamamas and got a tasty katsu curry to help me get over the lamentable loss of breakfast.

And then off I trotted to my medical. Now there is only one private medical company that does the medical checks for the American Embassy at £330 a pop so it must be a pretty good earner. I had to give them all sorts of samples of bodily fluids, have a chest xray, have another tetanus jab (which they forgot to charge me for, score!), get inspected all over for drug injection marks and have my heart and lungs listened to. All in all it took about an hour and I got a gown to wear that made me look like a Jedi Knight.

So that was that and assuming everything is fine it gets sent off to the embassy ready for my interview at the end of the month. I assume I don’t have TB. It was still quite early in the day so I decided to have a shufti around the Victoria and Albert Museum because I hadn’t been before.

The museum had a lot of home furnishings and was split into geographical sections.

There was lots of sculptures, massive Persian carpets, pottery and wall ornaments, thrones and beds.

But my favourite was all the odd old fashioned clothes, it’s amazing how short people were back then from malnourishment and disease. There was something very human about seeing real people’s clothes that you just can’t get from furniture or portraits. They had Margaret Thatcher’s clothes, beautiful kimonos with their matching obis, clothes from the 60s… and this lovely number which I think looks rather mad. I mean you could hardly nip to the shops in it could you? The only useful thing I can think of is if you wanted to make a career out of smuggling because you could fit a lot under her fake hips. Or you could wear it through Heathrow security to infuriate the guards and fellow passengers?

Mid afternoon it was time to let them eat cake.

But I fancied a nice scone instead in the courtyard garden.

And then it was time to head back home. The coach went right through the center of London past Parliament and Westminster Bridge where the terror attacks were, the place was absolutely crawling with armed police everywhere but there were still so many tourists so nothing seems to be deterring them for business as usual, which is how it should be I think.



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