Amsterdam Part 2

In addition to their love of toast, the Dutch also love triple decker sandwiches, Kim had major food envy at breakfast.

Also, Kim and I discovered a new drinks implement which we christened ‘the lemon masher’, whenever we had a bit of lemon in our drinks we got a masher to accompany it which I rather liked.

After breakfast we had a jaunt to the Van Gogh museum as Kim’s sister got us tickets for Christmas. Van Gogh is another word I can’t pronounce properly in Dutch without it sounding like I’m coughing/grunting.

They had some Monet at the museum too.

They had quite a bit about Van Gogh’s chaotic personal life too but the thing Kim and I found the most odd about Van Gogh was his self portraits. There were so many self portraits in there, all with different hats, the museum probably sold originals in the gift shop there were so many; the man was obsessed.

But I had a good time taking photos of things you weren’t supposed to because I can.

After this we took a trip to the Bloemenmarkt.

All the flowers were lovely even though it was February.

Unfortunately we couldn’t really buy any fresh flowers because we couldn’t take them home but I enjoyed looking.

The market had a lot of tat to browse which I enjoyed, lots of fake delft china to be had.

We got magnets and Christmas ornaments. Kim got a tulip pen for work, stylish.

Just across the bridge from the Bloemenmarkt is the Torture Museum which had lots of torture accessories and history.

It wasn’t very expensive so we had a quick look round. This is the chair of pointiness (this name may not be accurate).

Most of the female torture seemed to revolve around sexual assault whilst the male torture was a bit more creative.

If you’re an official torturer I think it’s just code for groper.

So that was illuminating. It was pretty chilly out still so it’s important to stay warm.

We had ourselves some Dutch pancakes for dinner.

And then we took a lovely trip to the orchestra as Kim got me tickets for our anniversary. Strangely enough all the introductions were in English (as far as I could tell we were the only English people in the whole place so I don’t know why) and the tickets came with free drinks which was really nice.


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