DNA Testing 

“Where are you from?”


“Oh. Well where’s your family from?”

“Norfolk and Essex.”

“But where are they originally from?”


I get this all the time, I get it from patients, colleagues, friends, school. I have quite dark features for an English person and almond shaped eyes. Biologically both my grandmothers were English and both my grandfathers were American. My Dad, who I look a lot like, was adopted by my lovely grandparents but his biological father we know nothing about other than his name was Tom.

I especially get it from the elderly who want to know if I speak Portuguese (we have a lot of Portuguese nurses at work) or if I’ve been home to Turkey lately, the elderly are all convinced I’m Turkish and whilst my granddad used to enjoy a Turkish delight every now and then that’s where our connection sort of ends.

So I was pretty excited when Kim got us both an ancestry DNA test for Christmas.

We had to spit in a tube (classy) and post the tube off.

Kim got her results first and they were pretty spot on since she had been told her grandparents were Jewish, German, English and Irish. Also it turns out I’m more American than she is and she is more European than I am! We were excited about her Jewish roots… by we I mean I… because of my love of Fiddler On the Roof. Kim said she wouldn’t tell Trump about the 2% Middle Eastern ancestry. Kim’s Mom thought they were part Cherokee which Kim and her Dad like to tease her that she isn’t… turns out they were most likely right and there’s no Cherokee in recent times.


I had to wait a few more days for mine but I got them eventually.


Mine was a real mix of things and I had quite a few trace regions where my ancestors must have been pretty distant. It was interesting as I had no idea about the Spanish/Portuguese or Native American, or Scandinavia! My Mum found it interesting too so for a Mother’s Day/birthday gift I said I would get her one. We’re pretty sure the Irish is from my Mum’s part of the family and that the Native American and Iberian Peninsula (Spanish/Portuguese) is from my Dad’s side. The Scandinavian could be from my Mum’s side but some of my Dad’s family is from Norfolk which supposedly has a high viking population so who knows?


Thank god there was no French.


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