Old Sturbridge Village

Kim, her Dad and my Mum took a little trip to Sturbridge Village (Kim’s Mum had to work that day) which is this cool recreated colonial timesey type village where you can walk about the place and go into buildings and explore them.

Let me tell you, I am glad I did not live then, life seemed fairly rubbish and I’m pretty sure I would have spent all of it bitching.

They had a lot of preserved artefacts.

And you could walk through different classes of peoples’ homes. These people were obsessed with chairs, every room had a gazillion chairs in it, even lining the bedroom walls which the signs said was for storage but in reality it looked like a creepy theatre to watch women give birth which by all accounts they did pretty much continually until death. Heh… fun. I liked their quilts. I also liked this frozen pond which we had fun throwing rocks at to see how frozen it was (spoiler, I am not good at throwing).

They also had workshops in the village and you could watch people do pottery or cooking and they had a blacksmith all using old techniques from the time which was interesting. My father in law promised to handcraft me a tin watering can which I think he meant as a joke but I will be expecting delivery of in all sincerity.

On the drive home we went past a lot of people’s houses that had lights in but none so many as this guy’s house… there were more lights that I couldn’t even fit in the photo, a lot of cars stopped outside of it to go and see the lights up close. Apparently it’s for food bank collections but I didn’t see anywhere to put food so perhaps he just really likes pissing off his neighbours… who knows.


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