Mystic Aquarium & Village

A couple of days after Christmas we took a trip to Mystic, now you might know that Mystic is a historic seaport and featured in a movie called Mystic Pizza however we actually visited the aquarium there and the shops nearby at Old Mystic Village and completely bypassed the quaint seaport that Kim denied existed (abominable lies!).

That being said the aquarium was really good, they had beluga whales that were real show offs and kept interacting with the crowd.

All the animals looked well cared for and happy, the intelligent ones had toys to interact with and well kept enclosures.

Kim petted a ray that came right up to her and swam out of the water to get her attention… and then got told off haha. My mum spent about 15 minutes staring at and photographing the beautifully lit jellyfish.

And I got another squashed penny for my collection.

This chap was huge, I liked him. After that my good lady wife treated us to a nice lunch in Old Mystic Village, actually I think it’s spelled Olde Mystick Village but I can’t quite bring myself to use that name without cringing a little.

We browsed all the funny knick knack stores for tat. This store had Scandinavian goods in and Kimmy highlighted the under funding of USA public school’s geography classes by finding a sign that said “Danish” on it and asking if that’s where we were going on holiday in February… we are of course going to Amsterdam.

We also went into an Irish shop and found they sold Crunchie bars and Flakes so I am sorted for when I move. I was strong and resisted buying yet another Christmas tree ornament.

After that we went to Buckland Hills Mall on the way home and all bought jumpers… or sweaters as the natives like to call them, a jumper is a dress in America. There’s something unwholesome about the word sweater… sweat..uhgh! Also I spent about half an hour in the sales at Bath & Body Works, my most beloved American shop.

After that we zoomed back to Kim’s house then ditched my Mum and zoomed out again for a date at Olive Garden, romanticcccc, look at the meal I got, just look at it. It was meant to be a miniature trio of three meals for people like me who are being indecisive about Italian food but really it was just immensely huge (again, see my dinner for the next day). We had an extremely attentive server who replaced my ice tea the second I finished it a bit like a waiter-ninja, got cheese cake to go and paid with a gift card which in my books is a winning night.  What more could one want?


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