Boxing Day At Foxwoods Casino

Just look at it… so majestic.

If Santa is reading, I want crystal stuff to play with every year. I got lots of really great gifts this year, Kimmy outdid herself and got both of us DNA tests from to find our racial history so we’ve sent that off and that should be fun. Also I have this thing where I feel a bit sorry for lobsters because they get boiled alive and scream and so I don’t ever want to eat them, and I feel sad to see them cooped up in those tanks so Kim adopted two lobsters for me because I’m a bit mad. I got a ton of other fun stuff too as you can see.

Americans don’t really have a Boxing Day like we do in England so everything is still open. We got bagels for breakfast at Rein’s Deli, it’s a Jewish business and let me tell you they had some really cool food there. I don’t know many Jewish people because in England only 0.5% of people are Jewish (apparently), but if this is how they eat then when I emigrate I’m going recruiting for a Jewish food buddy.

After that we drove to Foxwood’s Casino, in America they have Indian Reservations which is land that Native Americans own, they often pay less tax and the laws on gambling can differ, making them a great place to have a casino. The one we went to had a spa so Kim, and our mums went to that whilst her Dad did some light gambling on the slot machines where he won enough for our dinner!

So that was good.

And then it was time for bingo, American style where we won a big fat nothing… the curse prevails.

Bingo is a lot more complicated in the USA, the sheets are larger and you need to find different patterns on the sheets instead of lines such as a wild crazy pyramid… whatever that is! So no big wins but still a good day.



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