Exploring & Bright Nights

Every time I visit the states I magically wake up at 4am, like clockwork, the joy of it all. So after being up a good few hours we all decided to head down to an outlet shopping area and mull about a bit (except Kim’s Dad who escaped this torture). My Mum is a serious shopper and she means business, so after trailing around after her and Kim’s mum for a while Kim and I got a bit bored and started to browse for silly things, the winning item being a Scottish themed calendar featuring different men in kilts called “Kilty Pleasures”, you can buy a copy for yourself here should you so wish (tip – I would not go for the “used” copy despite it being cheaper).

That night we all went out to dinner at an Italian place that was nice, the meals in the states are so big that everyone takes home left overs meaning you get dinner and lunch for the next day, bonus!

After dinner it was off to Bright Nights, a sort of strange Christmas light safari drive in a park. Basically you rock up, pay, tune in your radio to a station they give you that plays non stop Christmas music then you drive through a ton (and I mean a ton) of Christmas light displays, all whilst comfy and warm in your car.

Kim said when she was younger she and her sister used to go in their pyjamas with a quilt and this is my goal for next time.

The electricity bill must be huge.

And I have yet to discover what Kwanzaa is exactly despite googling it. Does anyone know?

I enjoyed the dinosaur lights, I don’t know how they were related to Christmas but I liked them, it gave the light safari a Jurassic Park quality that I think is missing from every day life. Not pictured was a massive T Rex my phone continually blurred.

So that was all very enjoyable.

And hopefully we can go again next year if Kimberly and I are living in the same continent… On the same continent? Hmm.. both sound correct… we will be in the location but on the continent sounds right doesn’t it? Anyway I digress…

The next day we had a chill out and decorated our gingerbread houses and watched Fiddler On The Roof (as is tradition… TRADITIONNNNNN) with my Mum.

And Kimmy got to continue her tradition of shit gingerbread house decoration skills, she said this side of the house got broken into.



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