Back To The States For Christmas 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and my mum and I packed off to see Kim and her parents over Christmas in Connecticut. We started the day off with some eggs benedict at the airport.

Then we milled about a bit and shopped before realising our gate was closing so we hauled ass to board our plane where we were surrounded by babies… of course, anytime I fly they follow me. But they were actually relatively quiet.

We could see a lot from our window, this is Greenland.

The movie selection hasn’t changed since I last flew so I wasn’t that thrilled but my mum found things to watch, we got our plane food which I just adore because it all comes in little compartments.

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t with so little leg room I kept fidgeting, also my neck pillow kept deflating!

The flight is 8 hours and I got a bit bored.

Very bored actually.

Anyways we finally got into JFK then we had a kerfuffle trying to get from Jamaica station to New Haven where along the way we got assisted by some of the most miserable New Yorkers on the face of the earth.


And then we finally made it to New Haven for Kim and her Mum to pick us up from the train station. Not a fun journey!


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