It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

… But not at my house. I have no decorations up or tree, which I’m sure the cats are missing because they love to scratch their faces on the Christmas tree and smell all the ornaments and hide behind it however on the 21st December my Mum and I are going to the States to visit Kimberly and her family over Christmas. I have however got an advent calendar because I am a child.

So I’ve been mainly working, oh joy, but I’ve been block booked at the moment at a very nice nursing home on nights so it’s fairly chilled out which is good. The only thing is it’s about an hours drive away and we’ve been getting a lot of fog and then in the mornings driving home there is just so much rush hour traffic. The other day a fox ran out in front of my car and took a chunk out of it too so now I have to get a couple minor repairs looked at and there isn’t any point going through insurance because they’d just write my car off because it’s old.  Ugh. Car ownership. I topped up my oil today after a discussion with my co-workers where I realised I had never actually checked my oil level… ever… oops. But all is well.. except the broken bits I might eventually get fixed.

My Christmas shopping is coming along terribly, I’ve been very neglectful and so far the only people I have completed my shopping for are Kim (because we have a trip to Amsterdam coming up and I just got her flight tickets) and my brother’s girlfriend. Must get on top of things!


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