Birthday Depression 

I was 28 on Thursday, I’ve found throughout adulthood that my birthdays are fairly mediocre affairs that I don’t really look forward to anymore. I remember one year on my mum’s birthday she spent a lot of the day in bed and now that I’m climbing up to the big 3-0 I totally get it; birthday depression. Not only is the day a bit of a let down usually but you are officially one year closer to death. It’s also your annual chance to think about all the things you haven’t yet accomplished.

I think the main source of birthday depression is that through my childhood my parents made such an effort with birthdays and children are easily pleased so any day cannot possibly live up to a childhood birthday. My mum would fill our rooms with balloons and my dad would organise meticulously researched gifts. Also, I had brilliant birthday parties every year that my mum must have spent hours planning. Now the thought of a birthday party can seem a little bit more of a chore that involves lots of clearing up afterwards and as anyone who knows me is familiar with, tidying up is my least favourite activity. I think the second reason for birthday depression is that the older I get, the more English I become and the English love to complain, there’s few things I love more. Apart from cats. Cats are awesome.

So this year, especially as Kim isn’t on the same continent as me and all my family live ages away I decided to take the matter into my own hands to stave off moping and booked my self onto a venepuncture course, wild I know, and made dinner plans with some uni friends. On the plus side I feel slightly more accomplished now I can take blood (take note of the lovely fake rubber arms).

My uni friends and I went to Cosmos in Norwich where it’s a buffet sort of affair.


I think I pretty much ate my weight in food, which is saying something. I think the trick is to try a little of everything rather than pick one big meal.

Next time I think I’m just going to get all dessert and skip the main course because I’m an adult and I can do whatever the fuck I want to hasten diabetes.


After that we had a little walk around Norwich city because it was the Christmas light switch on.

I love Christmas as much as the next person but I can’t help but think mid November is a tad early for Christmas lights. Perhaps the city wants it’s moneys worth?

So that was nice and I got a lot of various vouchers and bits and bobs to stave off the birthday depression for another year! In other news we’re progressing a few more inches with the visa, I had to fill out a form that was very interested to know if I had committed genocide, wanted to work as a prostitute, was a communist, wanted to practice polygamy  or if I was a terrorist. I think if you answered yes to the last one then the follow up comment would surely be “but not a very good one”.


One thought on “Birthday Depression 

  1. First of all… Belated Happy Birthday… and second of all… you have the visa thing coming too? The form… they are depressing, aren’t they? I wish you the best of luck x


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