Last Day Road Tripping

This post is a little late because I’ve been working nights and then all the recent political drama that has ensued (and oh god has there been drama) but here it is… Our last day road tripping we spent in Kennebunkport which is a popular tourist town in Maine.

Luckily we’d remembered to bring our padlock out with us that day as we found just the spot.

We took a trolley tour which was really fun around Kennebunkport.


With our buddy Conrad.

The coastal views were pretty.

And we passed by the Bush compound, complete with secret service agents. I don’t really know why they bothered with the secret service agents because the whole area was so exposed I reckon a sniper could make a tidy job of it.


Then we had a little wander about the place.

A lot of the more traditional styled buildings were pretty, and we browsed some shops where almost everything was lobster themed.


They had a cat and dog themed souvenir shop which pleased me (simple things).

We had some lunch at Kennebunkport and then it was time for the drive home which wasn’t so long. Throughout our road trip we saw a lot of things that made me chuckle such as the ‘guns and coins’ shop, a tank on the back of a truck, number plates like dsnyfan, bread1, zodiac (possibly the serial killer???) but my favourite thing I saw on the road trip on the way back through Massachusetts was this fine couple below. Not only because of their car window, not only because she’s driving whilst on the phone but because (and it may be hard to make out) her boyfriend was huffing down some crack cocaine in the passenger seat. I mean where would the police even start? Memories.



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