Road Trip Day 6

On day 6 of our road trip we went to Acadia National Park in Maine.


We drove the loop road around the park (how lazy!) and there were a lot of pretty places to stop and get out.

We did book a whale seeing tour but the coastguard advised all of the boats to stop their trips for the season because of choppy waters.

We booked a nice hotel in Kennebunkport for our last stay on the road trip.

And it was all cutesy and modern.

But very comfy.

But too cold for the pool though, we watched a chipmunk eat his way through a rose hip with free drinks and muffins when we got there.

And Kim kicked my ass at candy land.

For dinner we went into the main part of Kennebunkport, which had no street lights so it was pitch black everywhere, to a Mexican place which had such good food.


Our meal was creepily presided over in its entirety by Jesus and his crow buddy.

When we got back I faffed about happily with the white noise machine in the hotel room but I don’t think Kim got much sleep, mainly because I kept changing my mind over which soothing sounds I wanted to sleep to.



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