Road Trip Day 5

On day 5 of our road trip we went to to the top of Mount Washington, hiked all the way up… Haha we drove, they had minibus tours up the most windy small rickety road that looked like it should be on ice road truckers minus the ice.

You could also take a cog train up but as we had a train ride on the agenda we just went for minibus and we had our own tour guide/driver so that was very nice. We shared the ride with a Canadian couple and their baby. They took a photograph every minute and asked what every height mentioned was in meters. They proudly declared, whilst taking a photo of a tree through the bus window that this was the reason they bought a zoom lens. Brilliant.

Mount Washington has been a tourist attraction for a very long time and they still had the old bunkhouse at the top.

And it hasn’t been changed very much only you can’t stay there anymore.

Possibly because no one is short enough except 5ft Kim to fit in the bunk beds.

I feel sorry for whoever had to lug this up the mountain.

The view out was really clear.

It was really cold and windy, you’ll notice the old gift shop is literally chained to the ground because of how strong the wind can get.

There was a visitor centre with a macabre but interesting list of known deaths on the mountain and at the bottom they had a museum with old carriages that used to take people up the mountain run by a very sweet old man who wanted to know why Kim and I weren’t in school.

I don’t think I’d fancy sitting at the top of this round some of those bends!

Afterwards we drove through Jackson who had a pumpkin festival on.

And there were more covered bridges.

After that we drove to the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Where you get a round trip on a nice old train, the carriages were open so I imagine it’d get chilly on a cold day but it was fairly warm out.

There were some nice views to be seen.

And parts of the train were old fashioned.

Then came the long drive to Maine, to be continued!


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