Road Trip Day 4

We started day 4 by visiting some of Kim’s family and having breakfast which was fun and then we went to the aerial tramway at Franconia Notch State Park.


There are two aerial trams, one is red and one’s yellow (called mustard and ketchup apparently) and they take you up to the top of Cannon Mountain.

The view going up was great and we saw lots more wild turkeys.

We were lucky it was so clear out we could see loads from the top viewing platform. Then we went for a walk around the Flume Gorge.

The Flume Gorge was discovered in  1808 by an old lady and was a popular trip for tourists, more recently they put in walkways and it’s so pretty. Even if there was a lot of uphill walking!

So much uphill… I’ve withheld the photos of the hundreds of stairs we climbed in favour of the prettier ones.

We saw a lot of chipmunks on the walk and they were all very tame and came very close to us, we named each one after the chipmunk that lives in Kim’s parents’ garden (Chippy).

So it was a very nature filled day. The American roadside was very helpful to us by pointing out how nice the countryside looked with large blue signs saying ‘SCENIC VIEW’ everywhere, and what could be more scenic than that?


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