Road Trip Day 2

Have you seen my new socks? They’re cool aren’t they…

Anyway I digress, we kicked off the second day of our road trip with a little wild turkey spotting. There were a lot of wild turkeys in New England and they always traveled in little packs which I thought was sweet.

We took a trip to a maple sugar farm, we started off with a maple latte, thanks a latte (had to).

And fed the goats, I don’t really know why the maple sugar farm had goats but whatevs.

It was nice out so we had a mill about and observed (laughed at) a large bus load of Texan tourists that said “Verrr-mont” instead of Vermont and wore cowboy hats. I enjoyed that.

We learned how maple syrup was made, I was surprised how easy it is actually, from a video that was made in the 80s shown in a barn. I assume it was the 80s because everyone had glasses like Deirdre Barlow and the old farmer was a tad racist. He seemed very concerned about Arabs and “them damn Yankees”… I was a bit confused as I thought people in New England were Yankees.

After this we took a trip to Walmart, Asda’s American sister store (if you want a laugh Google ‘people of Walmart’). Somehow the car’s cigarette lighter stopped working and so our music and phone charging capabilities were down (the GPS had long been ditched since the snowmobile track incident).

We bought a charger pack to recharge Kim’s iPhone which we then had to return and exchange for another one because Walmart, much like Asda, is not a purveyor of the highest quality of goods. We did get a tasty pumpkin pie though.

We then went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill, again cider as in Apple juice, not alcoholic cider which they call hard cider.

We got a little free sample of cider (we like free stuff, ok?).

And went to see the cider press.

Then we toured the extremely large gift shop (actually everywhere we went had gift shops) and got a cider smoked hot dog each, because who says you can’t have hot dogs for lunch twice in a row? Isn’t that what being an adult is all about?

Then we finished off with hot cider and a cider doughnut which was advertised at the packed counter by people continually shouting “I have doughnuts!” in the tone of someone shouting that they had a gun and weren’t afraid to use it.

After this we took a drive to Burlington, a very pretty place, and took a little stroll down by the sea where they had swing seats which I enjoyed immensely.

Also it was my favourite weather of all time (grey) so it wasn’t too hot or too cold but just right.

They had a free tourist shuttle bus that took us to a long market type street, I hope it was free anyway because we didn’t pay!

Then we had dinner, walked back to our car and headed back to the hotel for the night. Very pleasant all in all.


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