Road Trip Day 1

Kim and I planned a big New England leaf peeping road trip but the day before we went I had an early birthday dinner including Kim’s masterpiece as you see below, my robot cake I requested for this year’s cake construction. It’s pretty good isn’t it?

Also I got my birthday gifts early so that was a treat.

The next day we were on the road, Kim lives in Connecticut so we started off driving north up to Massachusetts and stopped off at the Yankee Candle Factory which was all decked out for autumn.

We chose some wax ornaments for candle dipping.

Kim was left in charge of the actual dipping, I held my breath.

But it actually turned out good, I think the dipping lady was impressed (but it was her first day there in fairness).

They had a historical candle dipping workshop.

They also had a very large Christmas section with a snow machine, train, decorations and a zillion candles.

They also had a section that started out part English knight and castle then went inexplicably into a German section. I’m still not too sure why.

So that was good. After that literally down the road from the Yankee Candle Factory was a a butterfly conservatory that we popped into.

They were everywhere, one landed on my head and turquoise butterflies dive bombed everyone like they were drunk kamikazes, they were huge.

After that we drove further north into Vermont, the leaves had started to change colours already.

We stopped off in Watson, Vermont for a bit of barbecue and cider (in the states cider does not mean cider… it means apple juice sadly).

But the real reason we stopped in Watson is to visit the Vermont Country Store, this weird old store I heard about that sells very strange things and has a mail order catalogue.

You may already know that I adore looking through tat so this store was right up my street. Also they had about a million free samples of food of which Kim and I tried the lot.

They had old lady nightdresses, halloween outfits, orange lipsticks, talcum powder that looked like it came from the 60s, table cloths, cleaning stuff… they sold everything.

They even let you do shots of maple syrup.

After we were full of free samples we made our way onto our hotel, it was at this point that the GPS sat nav rebelled against us.

At one point it tried to take us down a snow mobile track deep in the countryside where upon a toothless couple with mullets stopped us and informed us that a couple had got stuck down there the previous night when their GPS did the same to them. The couple had spent the night in their car and the mullet couple took great pride in telling us that they had told them they didn’t own a phone when they knocked on their door asking for help. Cute. Then they cocked their shotgun and… ok I’m lying, they didn’t have a shotgun but there were a lot of “vote Trump” signs in Vermont, lets put it that way.

So we ditched the GPS in favour of Kim’s iPhone. Now it was Columbus Day weekend and the peak of leaf peeping season and so hotels were scarce and expensive. Whilst booking our trip online we had chosen a strange Buddhist yoga hotel as the best of a bad lot and we did not have high hopes. I kept joking that I thought they’d worship crystals. When we got the the front desk I found these.

Seriously… Anyways turns out their spirit animals or whatever had messed up the booking and they had no record of us existing, then we produced our booking confirmation and they rang round sharpish to their “sister resort” ( AKA hotel down the street completely unrelated to them).  And so we settled there and it was basic but fine, no chanting or healing crystals in sight so perhaps we traded up. Also no one has charged us for this stay yet so I’m counting it as a win.

 So ended a pretty busy day with a ice aged wait for a pizza but it was tasty so that was good.


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