Off to America

I’ve been off on my travels again, off to visit my lovely wife whilst we wait the year and a half plus for our visa… haha… fun times. I decided the coach was the cheapest easiest way to get to Heathrow so I parked Goldie (the car) in Norwich and I got to take a little nap on the way up on the way I passed a transit van in flames surrounded by about 6 fire engines… Dramatic.


Luckily I got to the airport unsinged and I decided to try out an airport lounge, it was about £30.

It was pretty good, there was a view of the runway and comfy chairs, newspapers, magazines, charging points. You could order free meals (well not really free you already paid for it) and alcohol.

There was also a big buffet with breakfast stuff and cakes.

And then before I knew it I was on the plane, I flew Virgin on the way out but Delta on the way home. Virgin was ok but I thought it would be better after seeing all their adverts, I wouldn’t go out of my way to fly with them again, they were just the same as anyone else.

I made a buddy on the plane so we weren’t bored because we chatted, she worked for a big radio show in the UK. I also watched Bad Neighbours 2 or Neighbours 2 depending on what country you live in.

I made myself a tasty little spritzer and had some chicken dish that was nice.

For some reason we also got a Fab ice lolly… I hadn’t had a fab since I was a child.

Then a little snack before landing, I’m just obsessed with aeroplane food. By the way, did you know cheese and pickle is an English thing? I found myself explaining at length to my father in law why it didn’t contain meat and that pickle was a sort of chutney… the rest of the world is clearly missing out is all I can say. Cheese and pickle for all!

When I got into Boston I had a welcoming committee (complete with sparkly welcome sign!). And I got to meet this little dog who’s so cute but so naughty.


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