Activities & Wildlife

They have a lot of restaurants at Center Parcs and it was only right that we should try them all. We had tasty Indian food and although they were curries, as my beloved deputy sister of my old beloved ward would say, they were the type of curries Indians give their children because they weren’t too spicy haha. Wimp curries.


We went to the pancake house.

Still we were stalked by the peacock, I decided he should have a name and as he was a bit of a gangster because he wasn’t afraid of anyone and he was very blingy I decided he should be called Busta Rhymes, Busta for short.

One day we spent with two of my friends from uni that got a day pass to come and hang out with us and I actually won bowling… Amazingly.

Still we were stalked by Busta Rhymes. Busta just loves to admire his own reflection.

One morning we got up pretty early to go on a nature walk thing, the ducklings were still all cuddled up sleeping. All through out our stay I just wanted to pick one up and squish it with love and cute agression.

We fed the ducks on the lake, I decided not to tell our guide about feeding the ducks hotel biscuits or the deer iced doughnuts, he didn’t need to know.

But we did learn that Busta Rhymes the peacock just walked into Center Parcs one day and they’d assumed he’d escaped from somewhere. They didn’t want to buy him a girlfriend because apparently peacocks are very untidy and kick up gravel and sand and stuff. I think Busta Rhymes deserves love. Kim and I researched peacock prices to smuggle him in a girlfriend but they were expensive. If we ever get him one though I’d call it Leann Rimes.

We did some pottery painting one day, Kim said it was her best work yet, I said it was her most expensive work yet.


And then Kim kicked my ass at mini golf.

I just suck at golf.

We went to the American restaurant which I always find a bit funny, I wonder if they have English restaurants in America or pretend pubs with union jacks everywhere… Must research this more.

Finally it was time to go home and we had a nice breakfast in the revolving restaurant.


The kitties were obviously thrilled to have us back, they’d been taken care of by my friend Tasha who named them black demon one and black demon two.



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