Spa & The Stoat Weasel

During our stay at Center Parcs we frequently saw this one peacock, in fact he could have been stalking us. And like all the Center Parcs animals he had no fear of humans at all and you could get very close to him.


One of the days of our stay we went to the spa at Center Parcs which was lovely, we got sorted in the changing rooms where they had these odd lockers where you had to press a wristband on them but they had no numbers on them.

Anyways, the spa was set out in a ring around a big spa pool in the middle and around the ring were small rooms leading into saunas, steam rooms, scented rooms etc. I personally have never enjoyed a sauna, if the air inside my lungs is hot and I get the foreboding sense of death sitting there for a minute then I count the experience as non-enjoyable. I do the like cedar wood smell though.

I liked the zen garden because there was a little stoat (or weasel, Kim and I couldn’t work out the difference) that kept dashing about. The stoat weasel was storing food I think because he carried something in his mouth. But I got to read a magazine on a comfy sofa in a dressing gown which is a win in my books. Also I remembered why I don’t buy magazines when every other page was an advert… Also a win.

There was an ice chip fountain which you were encouraged by a sign to rub over yourself after leaving the sauna to feel invigorated, I decided to pass on this offer but helped throw ice at Kim (I’m nice like that). She did not feel invigorated.

After the spa relaxation we went for a very healthy lunch of burger and chips with large milkshakes.


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