Of Deer & Doughnuts

Whilst Kim was visiting we took a trip to Center Parcs which is quite near us and Kim had become obsessed with visiting after I’d told her stories about going as a child with my family. We booked quite a few activities as my mum had given us some money for Center Parcs as a wedding gift so we had stuff on every day. We started off with pedalos which were kinda hard to steer actually so we almost mowed down a few ducks.


I found a squashed penny machine, I have a collection of squashed pennies so this pleased me greatly. I’m not sure how many I have now come to think of it…

It didn’t come out as the deer though so that was annoying!

Center Parcs was also infested with Pokemon so we had to spend time catching them all because Kim had wifi so she could use her American phone too.

We got a little afternoon tea on our first day too which was very sweet, as we are obsessed with afternoon tea.

We stayed in the lakeview hotel as there was only two of us, it was right next to all the shops and the big pool so we didn’t bother to get bikes because we could walk everywhere.

And when you opened the sliding doors out to your view you could see a ton of geese and ducks and moorhens. I fed them our hotel biscuits which they enjoyed and then we bought a whole big bag of duck food so we fed them that a few times a day. It was duck heaven basically.

At the little grocery shop there we bought giant doughnuts and had some drinks out on the patio.

We then fed lots of the doughnut to our very own little deer who we named beauty because she was gorgeous and she ate bits of doughnut right out of our hands. She enjoyed the duck food too but she liked the doughnuts best… Who’d have thought?


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