Steam Train Munchies

Before we went home from London we had a super mega breakfast.

And it was free because  the hotel messed up on something and offered us free breakfast and I wasn’t about to say no!

If you eat fruit it’s healthy right?

Anyways, after we got home later that evening we were out again to the Mid Norfolk Railway in Dereham.

It’s a kind of hobby line where volunteers have restored an old disused rail track and a few stations and trains.

So it was pretty cool to take a look around at all the nostalgia and old fashioned signs and things.

We’d booked tickets especially so when we got there we got a little table seat all set up with our drinks and fish and chips we’d pre-ordered.

And then we sat and enjoyed the ride, the slight hiccup being that on the way back the lights had a fault in our carriage so it was a bit dark but we had a good few games of hangman by the torchlight of my phone and everyone cheered when the lights came back on.


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