Harry Potter Part 2 & Visiting Family

On Friday we had part 2 of Harry Potter lined up for the evening so we took a trip to see my family, some of which live in London. We all met at my Great Aunt’s house and then my Mum, Uncle, their cousin Elaine and her daughter Alison, my Great Aunt, Kim and I went for a lovely lunch out. It was so good to catch up and I hadn’t seen my cousin Alison for years (although we couldn’t quite believe it had been that long!).

After dinner we took the underground to Covent Garden for a walk around.

And we got smoothies, Kim sporting the lovely ring my mum gave her for her birthday.

We got to part two of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child a little later the second day but we still had time to browse the gift shop. We got matching house necklaces because we’re that cool and met a very excitable Harry Potter fan who we chatted to in the queue. She was slightly mad and had already booked tickets to see the play a second time, she compared her own life several times to Harry Potter characters and knew strangely in depth information about the gift shop, the theatre and signings of books.

Anyways, backing away slowly from the mad girl, the play was enjoyable however if I had any criticism of it it would be that it didn’t feel like it was written by J K Rowling.

Also this time I didn’t choke coughing from my cold. This time I went to Boots and was armed with cough syrup which I swigged from frequently any time I felt like coughing and it worked a treat, it’s pretty much gone in fact.


We went back on the tube, they just opened the night tube too and it was pretty busy and I was so tired I think I fell asleep immediately!


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