Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Last year I left Kimmy with express instructions to bid on tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and after she waited online for hours clutching my credit card she got them in exchange for a small fortune. We took a trip to London where we’d booked a Harry Potter manicure with Maddy at Wah Nails. Kim went for a deathly hallows theme.


And I went for slytherin nails. I annoyed Kim during all intervals in both parts by hissing and making my snake nail pretend to bite her

We queued up at 18:30 on the dot, we saw a lot of people dressed up and lots of Harry Potter themed clothes, hair and jewellery.

Inside the theatre it seemed small but someone told us it sat 1400 people at a time so I guess it wasn’t that small.

We were in row E so really close to the front, we made friends with our seat buddies, to our right were girls dressed in hufflepuff robes. Now these must have been expensive to buy… Where the hell would you wear official hufflepuff robes to? On our left were a gothic pinup styled couple with a Harry Potter tattoo, we liked them best and speculated during breaks as to the plot line.

I won’t give spoilers… But oh em gee.


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