The Savoy

  On Thursday we drove up to London and parked near my Great Aunt’s house in Barking. There was a good deal on at the Hilton in Wembley so we dropped our bags off there with an early check in and saw the stadium. We couldn’t find our padlock from last time we were here so they must have cut it off… Rude.

We’d booked to go to the Savoy for afternoon tea, we had to hurry because we were a little late (more on that later!). That shaped hedge below was fake by the way because I gave it a poke.

It was pretty fancy, Kimberly was on her best behaviour (no chewing with her mouth open allowed!) and we got some champagne. There was an American lady behind us who’d gone a little overboard on the fancy and had turned up in a long pink silk dress complete with matching fascinator, bless her.

I got my earl grey tea with lemon and Kimmy had chamomile tea.

Kim even mastered moving tiny sandwiches from the tiered plates to her own using a knife and fork, a vital skill in English life. There was a pianist that played classical versions of modern songs, she was very good. Kim said she thought this would be an easy job and I suggested she go up and give it a go which she declined.

Our scones were so tasty.

And the room was pretty to look round. It had large Art Deco portraits of famous people that visited the Savoy like Alfred Hitchcock and Audrey Hepburn.

After our sandwiches and scones we had some cakes which were beautifully decorated.

And some more… It got to the point where I was full to burst and Kim was speculating whether she could undo the tie on her dress to allow more room.

We were ready for the bill and asked our waiter for it when he said oh no madam, you have the cake course to come. Cake course… We just had the cake course I said, but he informed me that was the pastry course. Oh dear readers we almost died.

We eventually escaped the feeders Savoy to Trafalgar Square where I instructed Kim to keep walking lest I was sick on her. I still think it’s a shame they got rid of all the pigeons, when I was a child my family would visit just to feed the thousands of  pigeons.


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