The Broads & Fireworks

 We had a chilled out day Wednesday, there’s a walk along the Norfolk Broads by our house we explored and did some Pokemon catching along the way (gotta catch em all).

And then after some dinner we went to do some arcading. Kim forced some little kids off the dance machine so she could dance to Cotton Eye Joe (alone, I was a spectator only). We got a photo strip done and then we sucked at basketball. When I say sucked, I mean we were really terrible.

And we played skeeball for the first time which we hadn’t tried, we weren’t so bad actually. I beat Kim at air hockey by a very slim margin.

And then we had a little walk along the beach.

Before setting up camp in Goldie. We had strategically parked Goldie to watch the fireworks that are on in Great Yarmouth every Wednesday night. It was absolutely packed but we were all set up with the radio and comfy seats, coffee and a blanket. And when the fireworks were over we zoomed out back home missing the traffic. Ingenious.


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