Cromer, Heacham, Holt, Home

Tuesday we had a bit of a road trip, we went out to Cromer first and walked along the sea front and got ice creams.


 Did you know in America they don’t have flakes? True story. I explained crabbing to Kim and once again failed to find a t shirt that said “I got crabs in Cromer” for another year running (for the non-locals, Cromer is famous for its crabs being the tastiest and you can catch little crabs off the pier).

Then we went to Heacham to the Lavender Farm and walked through their nice gardens.

And inspected the Lavender; Kimberly’s verdict – BEES. Kim is mortally afraid of bees owing to a childhood incident where a nest of bees had made a home in playground equipment and she climbed on them with disastrous results. As I write this she informs me that they were not bees, they were wasps, or hornets.. She hasn’t told me if they were Africanised or not yet. She also wants to know why I’m dragging up traumatic memories.

We got a Lavender scone and after that we took a trip to Holt to visit Byfords, a big favourite of mine.

And then the long drive home. Every time we go in a car and I drive Kim instantly falls asleep. Every time we go in a car and Kim drives I snap to being super alert and the air is punctuated with my screams of “my god woman pick a lane” and “hands on the wheel!!! Ten and two, ten and two!” Or Kim’s favourite “I choose life!!”. Memories.


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