Jewellery Repairs

This post probably won’t interest many people other than my family so I’ll apologise for boring the rest of you.

Recently for graduation my Mum gave me my grandmother’s bangle as a gift, I also have my grandmothers diamond ring, both were in need of a bit of a clean and the bangle needed reshaping slightly and had become a little tarnished.

And my other grandmother had left me her ruby rings, one was completely broken and the other was in need of a good clean. I had thought about converting them into something a bit more modern but they’ve grown on me and I decided not to. Either way they needed a good repair.

And they were a little dull too as they hadn’t been worn in years since my lovely Nanny died.

Anyway I took them all into a jewellers at Great Yarmouth and got the lot done for £26 so that was a bargain and they turned out lovely. You can see the broken ring is all repaired and the bangles been reshaped.

All the stones polished up nicely.

And the bracelet looks a lot less tarnished although because it was damaged in places and it’s rolled gold they couldn’t shine it up perfectly without either losing the pattern or getting it plated which they said wouldn’t last. Still I think it looks rather good, and you can tell it’s vintage.


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