Gay Pride Norwich 2016

 My friend Tasha and I decided we’d go to Norwich Gay Pride this year and so we were all set to drive together when there was a huge accident on the main road to Norwich which closed it completely. Luckily Tasha knew an alternate route and we doubled back on ourselves, finally got to Norwich through the traffic, parked and made it to the Pride parade with about 4 minutes to spare.

A lot of people had dressed up or wore rainbow themed clothes, Tasha and I had rainbow temporary tattoos we wore on our faces (we’re cool).

The police made a real effort for Pride, including one of their cars that they got decorated. I liked seeing the gay officers march but I think it’d be good if nurses marched in the parade too.

There were a few companies who had employees marching which I thought was nice and they handed out free things. Lots of whistles and singing.

My favourite is always the rainbow dogs, I only saw a few with dyed fur this year though.

There was a samba band led by a man in a jungle tarzan-esque outfit dancing at the front and a clown float thing but Tasha and I thought there should be more music.

We followed at the end of the march to go and get something to eat and met two police officers who let us wear their hats for a photo so that was funny. I think the parade was longer than last year but there still needs to be more music and it’d be better to have nurses in the march as well as police officers.


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