Mum & Charles’ Visit

My Mum and brother Charles came to visit me for my graduation last week and we had such a good visit. I knew it was going to be a good day already when they came because I found a good Pokemon in Tescos.

They arrived with about a million bags (all but one belonging to my mother) which Charles carried in (bitching all the way). And the next day we were up and about to have a day out in Yarmouth. We started off with a nice walk in and a coffee. We’re a Starbucks family, I think you get your favourite brand of coffee shop but none of us are that keen on Costa and Yarmouth doesn’t have a Pret (Kim’s favourite).

We browsed along the shops and the sea front. Mum broke her reading glasses but luckily we found some cheapy ones to tide her over in a tat shop.  Covent Garden Soups had a promotion on so we all got some soup and sat in a very large deckchair for photo postcards to be printed out so that was nice.  My Mum loves free things so she went back for seconds!

Then we went for a trip on a boat.

It was so hot that day I got a bit burnt without realising and so did my brother but luckily it browned out before graduation. I don’t know who these random people are. Do you ever think about how many hundreds of photos you must be in the background of?

Anyway we were headed to Scroby Sands, a sandbank where seals live just off the coast of Yarmouth. They were all there sunbathing on the beach and swimming about.

After that we went for some tasty fish and chips.

And played the arcades, I won the air hockey tournament and the basket ball hoops. Then we played the 2p machines and won lots of fabulous prizes (I may be exaggerating).

After some serious arcading we got ice creams for the walk home.

And we we got home we played that Heads Up app game together and Charles insisted he could complete the impossible puzzle. This is how the puzzle looked after their visit… Charles still insists that he could finish it, I still insist that it’s impossible.


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