Leaving Work

I left work the other day and started my new agency job. My last couple days at work were pretty chill.

We all brought in a lot of munchies and Sharon who used to be a professional chef made a lovely cheesecake.

It was a Sunday and all the work was done so I decided to prank my co-workers by printing out a zillion pictures of unicorns to post in their pigeon holes.

I rode the ross return (a mobility aid) like a scooter for a victory lap.

And we all had a nice meal out and went for drinks afterwards.

And I got some lovely chocolates and a gift voucher from my co-workers so that was a nice surprise.  It’s sad to leave my co-workers and my nice hospital but hopefully in three months I will able to do agency shifts there, in the mean time I’ve been travelling every weekend to work in Ipswich which so far I’ve found very nice and friendly although they work quite differently. I’ve also been doing a few shifts in nursing homes which has been very relaxing in comparison to ward shifts. Just under two weeks until Kimberly comes back to the UK for a short stay and I’ll have some time off.


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