The night before the night before graduation I had a night shift so I slept in the morning whilst my Mum and brother Charles went back to play more arcades (my family just love 2p machines) so the night before graduation we decided to go out (as I’d finally woken up!) and I took them to Lowestoft to walk down the beach past all the beach huts. It was really beautiful and everyone we passed was playing Pokemon which I thought was amusing and my Mum thought was weird.

The weather has been so hot lately, at least for England so it’s really feeling like summer now but I’m glad when the sun goes down and it cools off because I hate the heat.

I was lucky enough to get some lovely gifts for graduation and my wife Kimberly sent me these beautiful flowers.

And she also got me this lovely vintage nurse’s belt buckle.

I really like old vintage and antique jewelry because I like that they have a story behind them and they’re well made and classic. Which is why I was really pleased when I got my Mum’s gift to me for graduation which was a bangle that my nanny Irene used to wear often so that was a really meaningful gift and I wore it to my graduation ceremony. It hasn’t been worn for a long time because it’s too big for my Mum so it needs a little clean so I’ll have to find somewhere to take it in for a polish.

Graduation day was the hottest day of the year so far, we were all sweltering and then add a cap and robe on top of our smart clothes… far too hot. Luckily the ceremony was on a live feed on the internet so Kim would watch part of it (as she’s not allowed back in the country just yet!). My friends and I actually finished our degree last summer in 2015 but the nursing course ends about a month after the university does all the graduation ceremonies and they’re too cheap to pay for another one so we all had to wait an entire year which was a bit annoying. But never mind.

After the ceremony my Mum and Charles had to make the long drive back to Wiltshire and my friends and I went for a meal out to celebrate.

Sarah wasn’t so sure on the churros but I thought they were quite nice.

And now that’s it, no more having to deal with the university anymore which will be nice.


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