Pretzels & Goings On

So I haven’t been up to that much, occasionally seeing friends for more afternoon tea (can there ever be too much?).

Discovering the Park & Ride… oh the joy.

I know… I’m so interesting. In other news I gave in my notice at my job to quit the NHS and start working agency. Because I’m waiting on a visa to go through so that I can actually live on the same continent as my wife (wouldn’t that be a luxury?) I need something more flexible in terms of time off so that I can go visit her more often hopefully so I’m looking forward to starting that. In other news though I’ll technically self employed as I can claim back quite a lot of tax which means I have to start my own company (by me I mean my accountants) which is quite funny. Sooo… hopefully all that will be kicking off soon.

In other news the other day I made pretzels, I got one of those kits they sell at Auntie Anne’s in the mall.

It was pretty easy, I wore my cupcake baking apron my mum got me of course. You just put yeast in warm water.

Then you put that water into the dough mix.

Gloop it about a bit.

Then let your dough rise.

Then it is time to Pretzel. The shaping is the awkward part because the dough is very elastic-y.

A little twisty bit.


You know maybe I did too many twists… but it’s all good.

Then you make a bicarbonate of soda mixture up in hot water.

And bathe the little pretzels in it and set them out for a dry.

Then it’s time for baking. I made some salty… I put extra salt on because most of it fell off so I just brushed off the excess after baking.

I made some plain then after baking added a glaze of melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

And that was that. What else have I been up to… some friends and I went out for Joy’s birthday to Zizzis and had some awesome tiramisu.

And Sarah and I went to the movies to see The Secret Life Of Pets which I very much enjoyed. I have a lot of catch ups planned soon, next week I see my Great Aunt, Uncle and Mum’s Cousin. The week after my Mum and Brother come to stay for my graduation ceremony (despite leaving university last year!), and then a couple weeks after that Kim is visiting for a couple of weeks from Connecticut.


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