Mum’s Visit Part 1

So my Mumma came to visit for the bank holiday, most of my immediate family lives in Wiltshire so I don’t really see them very often. She arrived late at night so the next day after a comfy gossip/lie in and a trip to the dentist for a quick check up (I know, I’m just so glamorous) we kicked off with some tasty fish and chips – as you can see there wasn’t much left over.

Then we hit the arcades for some serious gaming, first this bizarre air hockey game (my mother is the queen of air hockey) where you’d just play normal air hockey until the machine would release 20 small air hockey pucks at random intervals creating chaos. I did not know what the hell was going on but I do know that I won the first game.

Next it was the basketball hoops and then it was on to penny falls. Now, not to brag but, my family is exceedingly talented at the 2p machines in arcades. I don’t think any of us could work a fruit machine but 2p machines – we’re your people. It’s all about playing for the prizes not the 2ps and selecting machines where the prizes are close enough to the edge, and after surveying about 5 arcades we went for it.

Just look at our victorious prizes. The sheer skill it took to get these.

The next day we took a trip to Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden which is not too far from Brundall. It was just beautiful.

We ambled about the place having a gossip and taking photos.

There was a map which I could not for the life of me read but we seemed to end up in the correct places eventually.

We had some very nice lunch at a sweet old person like cafe.

And I got the monster of all french fancies.

Life is always better with a French Fancy.


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