May Days

Happy Sunday readers, I am currently living in mad visa hell and haven’t been up to a whole bunch. It was little Barclay heart head’s 8th birthday. As he gets older I have been investigating cloning options for him and thinking of starting a go fund me page to raise the thousands. I’m holding out he’ll live well into his 20s.

Some work mates and I had a bingo outing a couple weeks ago, and as is my usual bingo style I cursed us all and no one won anything. Obviously.

But I did enjoy some very reasonably priced carrot cake… so that’s a bonus.

My boss had a big party last week for her 50th which was good fun although I think lots of my colleagues felt like this afterwards…

Tasha and I needed a big breakfast the next day.

And then a couple days ago a few uni friends and I went to the spa at Dunston Hall (A stately looking manor place turned hotel) because I found a Groupon voucher (I love a bargain) so that was very nice and we had some lunch together after our fingers had turned pruney.

Kim has sent off the USA visa (we gave up on the expensive UK one as we would have to move to the USA eventually because of Kim’s mammoth student loan) so that will take a long old time. I’m thinking of switching from my lovely permanent job (sob) to a temping agency style job so I can visit a lot whilst we wait. We shall see…


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