Broads On The Broads

I haven’t been posting much recently because life hasn’t had many adventures in store for me of late. Kim’s visa to move here got denied and so now it’s looking like instead of her coming to England I’ll be going to America. Until then I’m home alone with Barclay and Bunny, the kitties, and more often than not fairly bored.

I did however have a fun outing with my friends to Wroxham last week, when Sarah had the very good idea to rent out a day boat. We purchased picnic supplies, 2 loaves of bread for the ducks and a sailor hat (vital for all maritime voyages) and found a hut in Wroxham by the water where a friendly bearded man (who we decided to name Captain Bob) instructed us on how to sail a boat. Sail? Hmm.. it had no sails… maybe I mean drive a boat? …Operate a boat. Now he was talking a lot about ports and bows and starboards and getting stern but Nancy and Sarah had no clue and my seafaring knowledge relates directly to a games of port starboard played at Brownies and sailing trips with my dad from the 90s where I was primarily concerned with the whistle on my life jacket and avoiding the boon.

Either way we set off, we had the rule that whoever was behind the wheel must wear the sailor hat, we fed the ducks and energetically waved at all passing boats… some of whom ignored us. Rude.

We had a great time, we saw ducks and goslings and all sorts of wildlife. I even livened things up a bit by driving over large bits of tree in the water when attempting to keep the boat stationary (an impossible feat!).

We encountered two boats on a stag do all dressed as pirates who were continually crashing into each other and throwing things at one another… we let them over take funnily enough.

We all liked snooping on the back gardens of all the homes that faced the broads, and we saw 2 herons!

Either that or it was the same heron who was extremely photogenic.

When we got back Nancy reverse bay parked the boat, we were all so impressed and to this day she does not know how she did it. Amazing.


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