It seems like Kimberly’s visa is taking forever since the wedding but back home I’ve been busy with work.  I’ve also been doing a few home improvements here and there ready for when Kim gets back, especially the garden. Our garden is a paved square affair so I’ve been getting a few pots and plants.

I also took a trip to IKEA on the way back from visiting my Great Aunt in Essex and, after falling over in the rush to get nearer to discount furniture and scraping up my knee (ouch), selected this table and chairs for 35 pounds. Bargain. My gardening assistant is pictured left, unseen is our supervisor who prefers to watch from the doorway.

Particularly difficult to find has been a pot for a herb garden, so I gave up my search and bought this bin thing from IKEA which I hammered drainage holes into the bottom of (much to the annoyance of my poor neighbours).  And it seems to be doing the job tolerably. I got a wind up washing line too in case the sun ever shines… ha. ha. ha.

In other news tourist season is beginning again and places are starting to open.

Tasha from work and I took a nice stroll in Gorleston with ice creams after a training day last week and successfully didn’t get rained on.

The weird tat shops are open again in Yarmouth for my perusal.

But it’s still a long way off until I brave my first ever dip in the Yarmouth sea.

Also, in unrelated news I finally  got some curtains… off eBay… why don’t we just buy everything online? It’s just better. But anyway now I can feel like a grown up and draw the curtains of an evening… only joking I’ve still never actually used them. Or ironed them. Once upon a time I didn’t mind ironing too much until my ex-military Dad starting getting a little crazy about ironed creases down the middle of my school trousers in the conviction that it would “impress my teachers” (it didn’t). Now I try to follow my mum’s philosophy of if it needs ironing I’m not buying it but I’m hoping the curtains will just sort them selves out… either that or Kim will fix them when she gets home.

 I think even the cats are bored that Kim isn’t home yet.


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