Heading Home

Ugh the long journey back home, it’s so depressing I keep not posting it. Kim is not allowed back into the UK until our marriage visa has been processed and so she had to head back to the USA to apply for the visa (because you can’t apply for it from within the UK). So joy of joys we had flights at different times. We drove to Calgary from Banff and got some tasty breakfast.

I think we forget how lucky we are in the UK with our airports because let me tell you that the shops in Calgary airport were few and far between. Kim’s flight was first and so we said goodbye and she went through security and then my flight was about 12 hours later. No I am not kidding. My god it was boring, I read several books on my kindle, I counted the amount of elderly people in cowboy hats (27). I had a crepe that had cheese cake inside it (did you know this was a thing?? A dessert stuffed inside another dessert??). I secretly charged my kindle and phone from wall points and used Calgary’s free wifi.

Then finally I got to go through security (you wouldn’t think this would be a highlight but it was!) an elderly man told me he liked my fluffy boots. I made a buddy at the departure gate called Ryan from Leeds who wanted to get married to his girlfriend who lived in Canada. I gave him some tips and we got talking to some other people travelling too so that was all rather friendly. Then finally it was time to board. I got sat directly behind a toddler who had shoes that squeaked like a dogs chew toy every time she stepped on them. The family made noise continually the entire way and in the end the steward gave me ear plugs. I reminded myself that murder was not legal even when over international waters. Other than that the flight was good.

I ate my nice plane meal of chicken caesar ricey thingy (I don’t really know what it was but it was nice) whilst watching Jurassic World which was surprisingly not that bad.

I thought breakfast was a bit meh though but better than nothing. Then it was a long  coach trip back to Norwich where I’d parked at my friend’s house, then into goldie (the car) and back home to Yarmouth – finally after 28 hours travelling time. The cats were so thrilled to have me back they’ve been very well behaved ever since, I think we should go away more often.


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