The Whyte Museum & Indian Trading Post

One of our days in Banff we spent taking a look around the Whyte Museum which was a small interesting museum about Banff and its residents lives, relationships with the Indians in the area (which they call first nation people). They had a lot of interesting artifacts as well as some interesting old climbing gear.

Then we went to visit an old shop called the Indian Trading Post where they sell things that Indians have made (amongst other stuff), there’s beads everywhere. I think they should really rename it the kill hut because there were dead animals everywhere too.

Don’t get me wrong, they sold a lot of cool stuff but they also sold things that made me think – god is this shop really allowed to sell these? Including a lot of real fur. Fox furs hanging up, tails of different animals, lucky rabbit feet… ew.


They also had a weird mermaid boy which legend has it came out of Lake Minnewanka, the mermaid has it’s own twitter.

After that we stopped to get a beaver tail – a pastry with toppings shaped like a beaver tail.

And we did a little shopping, we got matching Canadian leggings, look how cool.

Contain your jealousy.


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