Lake Louise & Philharmonic Orchestra 

This is what greets you at Lake Louise… Comforting. Canadians are a little lax on outdoor safety compared to the UK, one of our marriage commissioners suggested we go on the ice at one point during our ceremony, when I asked how you know it’s safe and won’t cave through he said oh you just try it out….. After you…?

But the frozen Lake Louise was very beautiful, plus it was fun to think we were walking on top of water, except when you could see ice/water, then it was scary.

Part of the lake had been smoothed of snow and turned into an ice rink and ice castle.

And Kim and I went and checked out all the ice sculptures left over from some kind of contest.

They make me feel very untalented.

There was even an ice bar, although it was a little early to be open.

There was a big hotel at Lake Louise which is a sister to the one we went to afternoon tea in only it didn’t look quite so nice from the outside.

Oh also, we collected our masterpieces from the kiln. That’s Kims pimp cup on the right… I’ve got to have that thing in my kitchen cupboard until I “accidentally” break it… Ugh.

We went to Eddie Burger for dinner, wow it was popular in there. We got shakes.

And you could build your own burgers, mine was a work of art. I’m talking brioche bun, fried egg, pineapple, oh it was tasty.

The next day we had a chill out duvet day (and watched the Lego movie on Netflix which was awesome) before dressing up to go to the philharmonic orchestra in Calgary. We had intended to spend the day in Calgary only… We literally could not find anything remotely interesting to do. I think Calgary may be the first city I have gone to with just zilch for tourists. Also when we got there it wasn’t that nice looking, Kim was still tired I think because when we saw a pedestrian sign she thought it was for cross country skiers.

The orchestra was really good, the musicians were getting really into it, especially the pianists who were leaping all over their chairs which was amusing to watch. And then it was super foggy on the way back, we got in about midnight (which is past both our bed times!).


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