Two Horse Open Sleigh 

A day into married life and things were going good starting with wedding cake and coffee for breakfast. Kimmy girl and I got miniature wedding cakes, we figured two brides, two cakes! I got a mini carrot cake, oh gawwwd it was so tasty, the cream cheese… Oh I loved it.

And Kim had a little lemon cake with lemon buttercream, it was very light and delicate.

Then we headed down to the ranch and had some spiced apple to wake us up a bit more.

We were waiting to go on our sleigh ride! Whilst we waited I smelt the hay and petted the buffalo hide, danced to the country cowboy music and generally embarrassed my poor new wife who was now saddled with me (cow boy pun intended, lolz).

And we were off, now people it was a bumpy ride because it was icy out but our sleigh driver had a cowboy hat on so I assumed that meant he knew what he was doing.

It looked nice out (as it always does around here) and I got to embarrass Kim further by wearing my woolly hat, she is so lucky.

These are the horsies, they were massive but so was the sleigh.

After that we went to try out a vegetarian bistro, we aren’t vegetarian but it’s a change and Nourish Bistro had high ratings on trip advisor (who I live and die by).

They had lavender lemonade!

Kim got fajitas which looked questionable when they arrived but tasted awesome.

And I got a burrito, I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever had food presented so beautifully and it tasted great.


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