Getting Married

So Kimberly and I eloped, we went up into the mountains by a big frozen lake with two marriage commissioners who are married to each other (one came to be our witness) and our photographer, and we said our I dos. It was unseasonably warm for Banff in February so we were really lucky for our outdoor ceremony.

Saying marriage vows feels intense! These are my flowers, we picked them up after we had our hair and make up done.

And these are Kim’s.

After the ceremony we went to the Fairmont in Banff which looks like a castle and had afternoon tea which was really special, all in our dresses.

Everything was really tasty.

And the view was beautiful (although every view is beautiful here!).

And after our waiter brought us over chocolate cake to celebrate as a gift… I don’t need to tell you we were already so full!!!

We had time to rifle through our little marriage pack with all the vows etc in them so that was nice.

And in the evening we drove to Lake Louise and went to a super fancy restaurant for fondue, as I switched on the radio it started to play White Wedding by Billy Idol (on mountain fm), which has to be a sign! Fondue was so good.

Also we met a bison. So that was our super chilled out wedding day, no stress, no drama, just a lovely day.


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