Out And Aboot In Banff

This is Norquay Lookout, it was impossible to get a decent photo of this and still focus, I don’t think my iPhone could take all the natural beauty.

We enjoyed having a tiptoe/slide about getting to the lookout. And as we didn’t have much planned we visited crockadoodle and I made a masterpiece, I know I know it’s so beautiful, I am Da Vinci incarnate. Kim made… Well I daren’t take a photo of it… It’s a bit like a pimp cup, I’ll show you when they’re out of the kiln. But it was fun anyway and we were the only ones there so we chatted to Chelsea who worked there, she told us Banff was so popular there’s a housing crisis as its in a national park (and harder to build in), her and her boyfriend pay $1000 CAD to rent one room! Which is just mad.

Then we mooched around town and discovered a Christmas store, it was intense.

It was so Christmassy, I selected a nice Canadian bear for our tree next year.

Then we visited Le Chocolatier in Canmore and went for a private chocolate tasting which was really interesting and the  owner turned out to be from England.


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