Bear Lattes

Our hotel does breakfast and it’s not cheap but it’s super tasty. Did you know omelettes come with a side of pancakes…?

So we were pretty full starting off day two in Banff, we went to the Whitebark Cafe to get beat lattes, how cool are they?? They tasted really good but I did feel a bit guilty as the girl behind the counter worked so hard making them beautiful then I stirred mine to put sugar and ruined it.

Then we browsed shops and I was delighted to find out there are still Safeways in Canada. They’re much nicer than our grocery stores though, Kim wasn’t at all excited about my Safeway discovery and just thought I was weird.

Anyways we browsed about a million gift shops, they all seem to be run by Chinese people, all the waiters seem to be Australian.

We also found a giant snow man which I thought was fun. Because it’s still fairly cold out here he’s survived a while.

Then we went to go browse some local beauty spots (more on that later), here’s Bow Falls, all snowed under.

And this is frozen Lake Minnewanka which was super beautiful.

After we went to discover Tim Hortons which Canada is obsessed with, I think it’s meant to be a bit like McDonalds but it wasn’t. When it was our turn to be served the guy behind the counter asked for the next guest to come forward and told us to have a great day instead of asking whether we wanted to supersize and grunting.

The meal deal had a doughnut in it… This pleased me greatly.

After our gallivanting we went back to the spa tub at our hotel.

I didn’t mention, our hotel has a nice fireplace and the whole building smells like campfires, it’s so good.

For dinner a good friend of Kim’s kindly sent us a voucher which we used to go get some Mexican food, then Jurassic Park was on TV. I am obsessed with Jurassic Park so I call this a good night!


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